Pokémon Go: The biggest game app, the newest advertising platform for businesses

17/07/2016 Chris Bruno 0

When I started this article, it was meant to be a short blog titled “Why I think Pokémon Go WILL be a great online local advertising opportunity for businesses” but it’s turned in to a bit more than that. You see, I think this APP could be huge. In fact, it already is huge. I think it will be the biggest game app we have ever seen so far. It’s not just about downloads, but engagement, Daily Active Users and Revenue will surpass anything we’ve ever seen before.

What happens when you’re drunk?

29/03/2016 Chris Bruno 0

When you’re drunk you post completely different shit than you would if you were completely sober and you thought about what life would do to you if you posted! So here I am, typing at twenty to one in the morning, on Easter Tuesday… That’s not a real day by the way…

Why it’s great to try, fail & iterate!

02/03/2016 Chris Bruno 0

If we could grasp the same tenacity as the toddler, we would achieve great things. In fact some of the most successful people do exactly that. They try one way, it doesn’t work, they try again another way. Regardless of what people might think of them or what failure might feel like.

Healthy Eating in the New Year

06/01/2016 Chris Bruno 0

I’m going to be putting up some more recipes and meals to give you some hints and tips as to how to make this happen quickly and easily, losing weight doesn’t have to be a drag.  

Last year I started a diet, with thanks to the infamous experiment machine that is Tim Ferris (Twitter @tferriss). His slow carb diet was my choice to try to make big changes in my life.