Unplanned As Always – #5 Digital Detox

Digital Detox - Koh Ta Kiev Sunset

In this fifth instalment of the Chris Bruno: Unplanned As Always vlog, I’m in Koh Ta Kiev. A small island, just off the coast of Cambodia.

This island is amazing, it serves as the perfect place to have a real Digital Detox. There’s no wifi, no signal and no electricity (generators run the kitchen and bar).

The hotel, Kactus, is amazing! The people are so nice and helpful and the location is on a beach that’s secluded and outside of you and the other guests, there is no one else around.

As there is no wifi and mobile signal, people have gone back to the art of conversation, so you chat, you drink together, you eat together.

The food was simply amazing, 2 options for lunch and two options for dinner. These included Baracuda Steak, whole Red Snapper, and other amazing treats.

The beer was cold, the cocktails tasty and people actually socialise, like they used to so many years ago, before we all got hooked to our mobiles.

I don’t talk much on this video. Truth is, I didn’t want to. I was too busy enjoying the chilled out atmosphere, the beach, the bar (of course) and the company!

Hope this gives you a good taste of what you can expect when you head out that way. Make sure you hit up the Kactus hotel, you WON’T be disappointed.



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