What happens when you’re drunk?

29/03/2016 Chris Bruno 0

When you’re drunk you post completely different shit than you would if you were completely sober and you thought about what life would do to you if you posted! So here I am, typing at twenty to one in the morning, on Easter Tuesday… That’s not a real day by the way…

Why it’s great to try, fail & iterate!

02/03/2016 Chris Bruno 0

If we could grasp the same tenacity as the toddler, we would achieve great things. In fact some of the most successful people do exactly that. They try one way, it doesn’t work, they try again another way. Regardless of what people might think of them or what failure might feel like.

Healthy Eating in the New Year

06/01/2016 Chris Bruno 0

I’m going to be putting up some more recipes and meals to give you some hints and tips as to how to make this happen quickly and easily, losing weight doesn’t have to be a drag.  

Last year I started a diet, with thanks to the infamous experiment machine that is Tim Ferris (Twitter @tferriss). His slow carb diet was my choice to try to make big changes in my life.  

Have we become social zombies?

02/11/2015 Chris Bruno 0

I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently and realised that there are numerous opinions on the subject of social zombie-ism and whether or note cosset is doomed in terms of social interaction.

Countless times recently I’ve seen people sat next to their friends, not talking, but simply looking down at their phones. It’s not 1 person in the group, it’s the entire group doing the same thing. Have we lost the ability to interact and talk to each other?

95% of Small Businesses need…

01/09/2015 Chris Bruno 0

I decided to write this post as I have been talking with a lot of small businesses in the last few years and I realised that almost ALL of the businesses I speak to start the conversation something like this:

“I need a great website, with blog, news feeds, ability to update and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram accounts. They all need to work all day every day for the business, oh and throw in a Youtube channel to make sure we can do video…”

How I changed my business by focusing on my Most Important Goals (MIGs) only!

22/06/2015 Chris Bruno 0

It’s been a while since i’ve written something for my personal website. Life gets busy, but the truth is I really wanted to share this. 

At the beginning of the year, I made some massive changes in my life. I changed the way I lived, ate and how I communicate (not only with others, but also with myself). These changes impacted my life in some huge ways. One of the biggest changes was focusing on only my MIGs. 

If I Were 22

08/05/2015 Chris Bruno 0

We get so caught up in failure being such a bad thing, but the truth is, we can’t achieve failure until we have tried, and trust me when I say, trying is the best part of life. Finding what we love to do, what we want to do and what we are great at, is all part of the Try, Fail, Try Again, Fail, Try Again, Fail… and so on, that ultimately leads to Try, SUCCESS! 

An Epic CHEAT DAY – Possibly the best so far!

15/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

Yesterday was Saturday and CHEAT DAY of course, but with a slight twist. I was in the south of France, Provence to be precise, and here we do food to a whole new level. So what did yesterday’s meal include? I’m glad you asked, check it out: 

With a Tweet Tweet here and a Tweet Tweet There!

12/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

It’s amazing how one well placed “@“ symbol, with the right collection of letters after it can result in more than 1400 visits to my latest blog article, “The Body Experiment”. When I wrote the article, it was more of a public accountability post for myself. It was a way of making my success losing weight public and making sure I didn’t go anyway but forward. I definitely didn’t want to go back to how I was. 

The Body Experiment

11/03/2015 Chris Bruno 1

So like most people the new year meant a new me… The only difference is I had made a DECISION! A big one. I wasn’t happy with how I felt and the two main things that were playing on my mind were the business and how I felt physically.