Building Communities Online Since 2008

Founder of Social INK, Chris has spent more than a decade creating and optimising digital campaigns online to help business, big and small, create and build communities online, through content and social media marketing. 

Chris Bruno

Optimise Your Digital Strategy To Focus On Community

Do you feel like no matter what you're doing online, it's not getting the results you hoped for? 

Don't worry, you're not alone. At Social INK, we've worked with hundreds of companies since 2008 and in that time we've learnt what works and what doesn't. By focusing on putting the SOCIAL back into social media and focusing on a community-first driven strategy, you can change the way you achieve results. 

Host Of The All About Digital Marketing Podcast

All About Digital Marketing Podcast

Helping small to mid-sized businesses understand the best tips, tools and insights to help them achieve more with their digital marketing. Chris has hosted the podcast since it began in July 2019. It's still one of his favourite parts of the week. 

You can find the podcast on all the major platforms, and you can even ask Alexa to "play the All About Digital Marketing podcast" and she will. 

Putting The SOCIAL Back Into Social Media - Presentation

At Social INK, we're on a mission to put the SOCIAL back into social media. What do we mean by that? Too many businesses and brands online are using social media like a bullhorn. It's a one-way conversation, with little to no engagement, that usually achieves very little in terms of the business' goals. 

So it's time we remember what social networks are really about. Connecting with other people and building a community around your brand. 

If you enjoy the presentation, you can find Social INK on your favourite social channels below. 


"Chris and the whole team have always delivered for my business which is why I keep returning. I've worked with Social Ink for two straight years now and always satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommended for everything website related, content marketing and especially creativity!" 

David Martinez - Hempassion

David Martinez



"Why do it yourself when Chris and his trusted team can do it for you. They are on the cutting edge of technology and understand what influences your customers. they keep the content fresh and up to date. No need to look around, these are the guys you WANT." 

Kadrian Bugeja - AquaGib

Kadrian Bugeja



"Chris has the right blend of creativity and business sense. He is driven to succeed in his chosen areas. A consummate sales person and business manager who I am happy to recommend. He presently owns Social INK which is a diverse marketing company able to take your business to the next level and beyond."

Paul Astengo - HM Government of Gibraltar

Paul Astengo

HM Government of Gibraltar