Yesterday was that typical day as an entrepreneur, or at least as an entrepreneur that hasn’t made it yet. I say one that hasn’t made it as I am sure the ones who have, have staff to deal with things for them.

So yesterday, carrying on with my normal average 12- 13 hour day, I also had to sort out some technological problems in the office, then sit in front of a camera, record a short news video, reading off the auto cue, then edit myself, cut the video, post it online and finally go home, thinking that was a long day.

Here is the video so as you can a bit of a laugh.. as you can tell, I wasn’t expecting to go on camera:

So, get home, try to relax, but I realise that I do still need to finish a presentation for this morning, so I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get on top of that asap. iPhone beeps, reminding me that I committed to having dinner with some friends, crap! Send Siri doesn’t seem to be an option, nor does write presentation please Siri.

After dinner and spending some time with my friend’s kid (a very cute 18 month old baby girl) I came back to the house and started on the presentation. Finishing at around 3 am was a nice feeling, but setting the alarm for the morning was even nicer. So here I am back at work and to be fair, a little tired to say the least.

Here’s the work station, maybe I am a little Mac obsessed… Apple Obsessed Workstation
My Mac infested workstation

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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