It’s the weekend, it’s been a beautiful weekend and one hell of a heat wave to go with it. Here in Gibraltar, it’s been hot, it’s hit 32-38 degrees, but in Sevilla it actually reached 51 degrees… That’s just far too hot to be able to function.

This weekend I have been sorting stuff out as I have sold my property and am looking to move out. Having only lived there for three years I genuinely didn’t think it would take so long. It turns out I have hoarded far too much crap that you just don’t need really.

So, indoors, bags of rubbish and piles of crap to sort out, kind of equals a shit weekend all round really. Hopefully it’s nearly over. One thing I will add, I will miss the view from the balcony though.

Chris Bruno Anchorage View
The view form my flat in the Anchorage… well at least it’s mine for another two weeks!

That’s the African Continent, with Morocco in view… It’s a little misty as you look over the strait of Gibraltar, but it’s a beautiful view on a day like this. At nighttime, you can see the coastline perfectly lit up.

In life though, you will find, especially if you are in fact an entrepreneur, or a wannabe like me, that there are ups and downs and you have to remember to just pick yourself up, no matter what, who or how you were knocked down. Remember that, it’s a fight! If it was easy, well everyone would have succeeded by now surely?

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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