Around 6pm… Big Deans ( – I’m told it’s more of a day bar!

Big Dean's Bar in Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Big Dean’s Bar – It’s a day bar in Santa Monica

Staff betting against the Lakers vs Oklahoma. My first LA Basketball game since arriving in California.

Been told about a British Pub – where? 3 blocks by 3 blocks.

Beer called LandShark lol Stella seems popular as. It’s strange, I thought I had left London behind, “Wifebeater” beer has followed me over.

Land Shark beer - It's not all too bad!
Land Shark beer – It’s not all too bad!

Wings that are so spicy, they made my throat tickle from steam off hot sauce, great wings though.

Big Dean's Spicy Wings - That are really spicy!
Big Dean’s Spicy Wings – That are really spicy!

If you get a chance, check out Big Deans – ask for TJ – festively plump man that runs the place. He’s a NY giant fan.

7:30pm Heading out of Big Deans… Come across a bank called One West Bank. – one “west bank” Gaza Strip etc… I found it funny!

Walking the Santa Monica Pier, and straight away come across a Bubba Gump’s restaurant.

One of the many Bubba Gump's restaurants you will see!
One of the many Bubba Gump’s restaurants you will see!

Then, suddenly, i hear Vanilla Ice playing… Legendary!

After having had a couple of beers, I want to do the running man.

At the end of the Pier, I see a kid having cuffs removed being told its not right to steal. Looks like a tourist. A little heavy…

Walk to end of the pier, I find Marisol, that serves live lobsters now. Always good to know.

There’s a shit mariachi band and no fucking bar man. Finally someone turns up.

Marisol is Mexican. So my shit Spanish fits right in.

Marisol - Not the most amazing Mexican Restaurant!
Marisol – Not the most amazing Mexican Restaurant!

Lakers are drawing at the start of the second quarter. Apparently tickets are dirt cheap as they have been playing so badly recently.

7:45pm – Time to head off, it’s bitterly cold, which is apparently completely out of place for Southern California.

Walk up to that English Pub that I was told about, remember “3 blocks by 3 blocks”. Finally I find Britannia Pub:

“Pint of Guinness please.”

“Can I see some ID”

Love it, apparently I look very young, this doesn’t really happen back home or anywhere else in the world I’ve ever travelled to.

Explain to the barman, it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint. Good things come to those that………… Wait!

Britannia Pub - A good old fashioned pint of Guinness!
Britannia Pub – A good old fashioned pint of Guinness!

Half time different pub, same result. The Lakers are still losing. 64-48

TIme to move on…

8pm – Sushi Sake, very popular on Friday nights because of happy hour. Guessing tasty sushi too, although I can’t confirm that yet.

Chat to a local, finally find out about a bar called Makai (, and that most of the bars are in Main Street / Venice. So time for a piece of sushi, a beer and wait a minute. It’s not Asahi! It’s Sapporo… Which sounds like a Spanish/Japanese concoction for a frog/beer. But wait… Look at it.

Sapporo - A Japanese beer - It comes in a Stein! Whoop Whoop
Sapporo – A Japanese beer – It comes in a Stein! Whoop Whoop

Suddenly it’s 22:30 – I’m in a car with 2 Canadian architecture students. Heading to their hotel and then we are going to club in Hollywood called Avalon! ( 🙂 always remember to…….. Blame Canada! (Sorry Guys if you ever read this).

23:45 – Finally in Avalon in Hollywood wow! It’s really not that great. According to the Canadians it rock. It’s a big place. A lot of loud music, bright lights and a very famous DJ apparently! Let’s get a beer.

Adrian Lux at Avalon!
Adrian Lux at Avalon!

Finally I give in, I order a double JD and coke. It’s so strong I can’t enjoy it, and for me that’s saying something.

By the end of the night I’ve lost my jacket (not a first) but i’m still all good, everything else, including my faculties are still with me, more or less. Time to head home…

2:00am – Back at the Sea View Motel in Santa Monica!

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