Hard Knock Life, for an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship explained perfectly!
Entrepreneurship explained perfectly!

Entrepreneurs ARE CRAZY!

It’s been a hectic couple of months, wait, scrap that. It’s been a long and hard 5 years more than anything else. Let’s look back, having set this thing up in 2008, it’s had more developments, changes and evolutionary steps than man himself. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Creating something is hard, creating something awesome is near impossible and creating something that is is awesome and makes you loads of cash, well…

In the last 5 months we have changed pretty much EVERYTHING about our company and the way we work. Even the staff don’t recognise the place because we decided to re-decorate, give the place a fresh new feel, add in to that more regular management meetings, more targets and more ideas being bounced around and suddenly you start to feel like you are working in a far more success breeding environment.

So has it worked? Well to a certain extent, YES it has! THe office dynamics and people’s attitudes have changed to start with. The development of weekly meetings, targets for the team as a whole and everyone being far more “creative” and pushing out ideas has got to be the best part of the change.

Are we nearing “Success”? That’s a much harder question to answer. Recently I have found myself trying to figure out what “Success” actually is. Is it making loads of money? Is it doing what we love? Or is it something completely different that we haven’t stumbled on quite yet?

It’s a tough world that we live in and creativity is key to success, but sometimes getting back to the ground roots of what we do and why we do it is just as important. Losing that spark that drives you can be so easy to do, but fundamentally, it’s not possible if you get back to what you love and what you really want. If the spark is going, maybe you aren’t focusing on what you want anymore. That could be the problem.

We on the other hand, have now decided to re-focus. To re-create! The most important part is that we have decided to reinvigorate ourselves. Going back to basics. What we were always good at, but lost our way doing other things.

It’s time to start pushing out what we’re good at, so keep you eyes peeled, it’s all coming soon.

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I’m Chris Bruno, an entrepreneur and have been ever since I started working. I like to think of myself as slightly more evolved now, but the reality of it is, I’m still learning… Every day is a new lesson and running your own business is HARD!