Tarifa: Digital Nomad Paradise

Tarifa Sunset from the terrace

I ended up staying in Tarifa longer than intended. Originally planning to spend a couple of nights to catch up with a friend, it quickly turned into a two week stay.

Why? Simple!

Tarifa: Digital Nomad Paradise. 

What can I say, it really is an awesome place, especially for people who can work from anywhere.


So why is it so good?

Evolve Skateboards – Amazing Electric Skateboards

Personally, I had a great time, met some amazing people and had time to try out an electric skateboard (check out Evolve – I want one of these), fly a massive kite, watch insane sunsets on the beach, drink beers overlooking the Atlantic and feel more chilled out than I have in a long time.

All this whilst still having time to keep on top of work.

You’ll meet some great people, there are a lot of guys and girls just like me (and possibly you), travelling, working, enjoying their life doing it anywhere they can. You’ll meet surfers, kite-surfers, travellers, #vanlife people and more.

And they’re all super friendly.

Tarifa Beach view

Tarifa as a place

Land Boarding in Tarifa with Chay!

It’s beautiful! Sand dunes, the Atlantic sea in front of you, an old historic town, fun people and places dotted around. Whether you are walking along the beach, for miles and miles, or whether you are walking around the old historic town, you’ll notice how pretty a place it is.

Off season is a lot quieter than the summer months for obvious reasons. But it might actually be nicer that way, or at least I thought so.

Abandoned boat on Beach!

During the day the weather was awesome, 17 Degrees (C), that meant jeans and t-shirt weather. Even got a bit of a tan. Remember to have your jacket with you, in the evenings, once the sun has gone down it is chilly, remember it is winter!

People are out on the water, surfing, kiting and generally enjoying the days and the weather. Get involved too, there are loads of surf and kite schools you can’t hit up to try out. Or maybe try paddle boarding?

What’s not to love about Tarifa?

Sunsets are beautiful in Tarifa!

I was introduced to loads of people there and they’ve created a great little Digital Nomad community, helping people to get to know each other and spend some time together.

My overall impression is that everyone was massively welcoming.

They’re happy to meet new people, talk together, help them if they can or just point them in the right direction.


Where to work in Tarifa as a Digital Nomad?

I can work pretty much anywhere. I really don’t mind, whether it’s in a plane, a train, an office or a cafe, I can get shit done. I have friends however that find it more of a challenge. They need somewhere to sit down and work in an “office” type environment.

Welcome to…

Coco Terra

Cocotera – Co-Working space in Tarifa

The Coco Terra is a hostel / co-working space. It’s a good place to sit down and get some real work done if you need that kind of environment. It’s pretty quiet in the off season, and it was a little cold, but the staff are awesome, free coffee and a kitchen area you can use and it’s not too expensive.

It works out to about 10 Euros for a day, but you can get weekly or monthly passes if you need it.

Personally, I believe in just getting stuff done, so I use local cafes, bars, restaurants, or anywhere else thanks to wifi or 4G with my phone.



Great places to eat and drink in Tarifa


You have to try their Pizza in the evenings (after 20:00) they’re awesome! It’s a great place to sit outside, grab a fruit bowl in the morning or just sit and watch the sunset outside with a cold beer. Plus they are super friendly towards digital nomads too, good wifi and they won’t try to push you out the front door if you haven’t ordered anything for a while.


This is THE breakfast joint in Tarifa. If you need to get something to eat in the morning, this is the place to hit up. They offer a ton of different breakfasts, eggs with a selection of toppings. It’s delicious and really affordable. Check it out whilst you are there.

Cafe del Mar Beach:

During the off season, this is a great bar to visit. Winter months are a bit calmer in Tarifa than the summer for obvious reasons, but the beer is affordable, cold and they have a pool table. Great place to hit up in the evenings, some nights there is a live music too.


AMAZING pizza in the town centre. You have to go check this place out. The owner Franci is a great guy, be careful though, if you get caught up in after dinner drinks here, it can end up being a GREAT night out… Plus did I mention the pizza is amazing!

Bar Anca Curro:

Tapas Bar – Anca Curra

You’re in Spain, you have to have some tapas. This is the spot to hit up. It’s a small place, so try to get there early if you want a space. The jamon (Spanish ham) is incredible, but make an effort talk to the owners and you’ll end up trying the specials or something you would never usually order.



Some help for Digital Nomads!

Well worth checking out this group – Facebook Group – Tarifa Digital Nomads. Some really cool people, down to earth and welcoming. They’ll help you out if you need something, or if your stuck with anything in particular.

They also organise meet ups and drinks, you need to have a look at the group and get involved. I missed out on a meet up unfortunately, we ended up out the night before with some other people! But worth joining.

Go and check it out on Facebook – Facebook Group – Tarifa Digital Nomads

Also worth a look is the Web Work Travel website, they’ve created a full on guide for Tarifa Digital Nomads. Get some useful info before you head out there! It’s a great place to start and find out more about Tarifa: Digital Nomad Paradise.

The Tarifa Guide for Digital Nomads

Places near Tarifa to visit!

You have to go and check out a few of the beaches further up the coast. You’ll find some gems, don’t be afraid to get lost and simply walk around for hours on end.


Lunch view in Bolonia! Wifi included!

It’s about a 20-30 minute drive up the coast, but totally worth it especially in the off-season. Try to get lost on the dunes, its beautiful and peaceful… You’ll also find little shelters made with stones dotted around the beach, great to get out of the wind and still enjoy the sunshine. See if you can find the spot in the image above. Great for lunch.


Just up the coast you can find the beaches of Valdevaqueros. It’s a great spot, lots of cool beach bars, cool places to hang out and stunning beaches.


British enclave that jots out of the south of Spain, where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet. The Rock as it’s known is worth a day trip, go up the cable car to see the apes and then head back in to town for some lunch, there are some great spots for you to check out, restaurants, bars and shops. Also great to pick up some drinks or cigarettes (if you smoke).

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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