I’ve been contemplating this for a while.

Actually, I’ve wanted to get a Podcast up and running, I’ve wanted to create awesome content about something in particular and so far I have nothing.

Well that’s not true, I’m getting this blog back up and running.

So, inspired by a good friend, James O’Donnell, (check out his vlog channel) I want to start a vlog.

It’s time!

Especially this year, what with moving around, travelling and trying to find a non “normal” life.

So the real question is, what to make it all about?

Lamai Beach Ko Samui Thailand

Travelling is an option, new places and a different take on where to live. Could be interesting but it’s been done. A LOT!

Digital Nomad lifestyle. How to live a non “normal” life.

Could also be interesting, a good way of sharing experiences and how the trip goes. It would also create a lasting souvenir of the time spent living like this, which could be awesome.

Beer with Chris. 

Vlog Idea: Beers With Chris This is an idea I’ve been thinking about. Trying out different beers around the world, new brands and trying to find out more about where they come from. Mix that in with an interview with other Digital Nomads and it could make for an interesting vlog.

Of course, for those that know me, the idea of a beer based blog/vlog would really suit me. “It’s right up my strada” as one friend would say.

Everyone online always says you need to do something that you’re really into, that you’re passionate about, that you won’t lose interest in.

Well, Beer With Chris is an option that encompasses all those things, and I can do it whilst travelling, as well as meeting new people and learning new skills at the same time.

So why am I writing this all down on here, well, I want your feedback. I need your help!

What do you think I should make a vlog about?

Drop comments below, Travel, Marketing, Blogging, Digital Nomad Lifestyle or Beer???

I started a website some 5/6 maybe nearly 7 years ago called the Satirical Entrepreneur. Thinking that maybe it needs to be re-visited and brought back from the dead.

Recently stumbled across some of the articles I had written for that site. They feel like they were written a life time ago. They made me giggle, smile, and cringe, whilst reading them. But it reminded me it’s also a possibility.

So come on, what would you like to see me do for a vlog? I’m open to ideas and need some help and inspiration.


I decided to create my first vlog, to accompany this post. So for now, it’s called Chris Bruno: Unplanned As Always

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

I’m Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Social INK, a community-driven, social-first, digital marketing agency. I'm also the host of the All About Digital Marketing podcast. I'm passionate about marketing, travel, food and continual development.