Unplanned As Always #2 Walk Around!

Koh Samui - Racha Thammaram Temple

Walk Around: There is no better way to discover; than to get lost!

That’s how I feel anyway. In fact, everywhere I’ve ever been, I’ve gone out and got lost. I walk around till I don’t know where I am anymore.

Visiting places that people tell you not to go to, or that aren’t actually on TripAdvisor, for me, is the point of traveling!

It’s the best way to really get to know somewhere.

Sea view from Koh Samui - Racha Thammaram Temple

To quote the great Terry Pratchett:

“Granny Weatherwax was not lost. She wasn’t the kind of person who ever became lost. It was just that, at the moment, while she knew exactly where SHE was, she didn’t know the position of anywhere else.”

There is nothing wrong with doing this, in fact, I strongly recommend it. I would never had experienced half the things I have, if I hadn’t got lost in between.

This one time, in Morocco…

It doesn’t always go as planned. Nearly 10 years ago I took my first trip to Morocco. It’s a wonderful country and I’ve been back half a dozen times since.

Walk Around: Rabat Train StationSome random guy, drinking mint tea in the same place as me, overheard me on the telephone and asked if I would like to visit something unique.

“Hell yeah!” I replied.

He took me to a beautiful building within Rabat, this place was stunning, vast and empty. There was something eerie about it.

Then, the “guide” turns to me and announces that, we are in fact trespassing! If I don’t pay him 2000 dirham (about 200 euros), he will leave me here, to deal with the police.

I believe we settled on a figure closer to 100 euros, but either way, I paid to get myself out as quickly as possible, even if there was a good chance that nothing would happen to me.

I was younger back then, but still nothing has changed. I’ve been “saved” by a river boat in Bangkok, explained how Cancun “really” works by a taxi driver with a gun, and seen more places that as one guys I used to work with would have said “Doesn’t have windows, I’m not going in there!”.

So what’s next for you?

Go on! Get out there! Go get lost and discover what others miss when they go on “holiday”.

You’re an adventurer after all! Aren’t you?

Vlog – Unplanned As Always #2 – Walk Around!



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