Whilst reading a recent post (about a year ago now, wow time goes by fast), from Tim Ferris, (How To Achieve Self Ownership), I started asking myself the question How much stuff do you NEED to own? That’s when I realised how much I really don’t need a lot of anything anymore.

Over all the years, I’ve bought and sold more things than I can remember. Cars, clothes, electronics, all sorts of things!

The majority of what we buy, we don’t really need. Not saying we don’t want it, but we definitely don’t NEED it. That was my case at least.

What do I have now?

I still have stuff, but I don’t have anywhere near as much as I used to. In fact I’m pretty minimalistic now.

James Altucher talks about this a lot. He has two bags. Not unlike me right now.

1 for clothes and the other for laptop/work kit.

Thats it!

Pretty much all that I own at the moment and I couldn’t be happier.

Landing in Bangkok recently (Feb 17), I started talking to another traveller at the bagage reclaim. She asked me how long I was travelling for and I said I didn’t really know. Maybe a month, two, three, maybe longer.

My bag arrived on the carousel, I grabbed it and as we were half way through a conversation, I dropped it down by my feet and carried on chatting.

It took her less than 30 seconds to say:

“Is that all you have with you to go travelling?”

I laughed it off and simply said, “what more do you need?”

Today, no matter where you are, you can find a laundry to clean your clothes quickly and cheaply.

You can pretty much pick up “cheap” clothing anywhere in the world. Think Primark, where a t-shirt and shorts would probably come in under a tenner.

So I travel pretty light, not just whilst being abroad, but at all times, and it feels great.

There are lots of techniques out there, some friends of mine had a lot of success with Marie Kondo (she’s like the guru of decluttering your life).

Moving forward!

My life is spretty simple right now and thanks to that I get to enjoy it a heck of a lot more than probably ever before.

Realising that feeling good and having awesome memories and experiences is more important than what car I drive changed everything.

Ultimately it’s the reason why I’m in Thailand on an island, living on the beach, typing this.

What could you do with getting rid of or decluttering in your life? Ask yourself:

How much stuff do you NEED to own?

Quick Update 22/02/17 – Saw this article on my Facebook timeline, thought it was perfect timing – 10 Times When Less Is More by James Altucher especially just a day after I posted this article.

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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