The iPhone is dead, long live the iPhone.

The iPhone is Dead

There wasn’t much succession planning in place, but when iPhone 1 suddenly passed, it was time to start thinking about who would take on the responsibility. Just like in ancient times, the iPhone is dead, long live the iPhone.

The iPhone is dead! Presenting iPhone 2, who has taken over.

Remember “with great power comes great responsibility” (or so Spider-Man’s uncle said) and a phone today represents not only your phone, but your office on the move, your camera to capture memories, as well as your gps to get around, your boarding cards and hotel reservations and even some times your way to pay the bills.

So it was only fitting that the successor be as good as the predecessor.

I had to buy a new iPhone 7 Plus, 128GB and that hurts.

All of this happened because I decided to try out paddle boarding. A first for me, but a really good friend in Tarifa is always banging on about how cool it is, so what the hell I thought.

Looking at the paddle, the board and my waterproof bag, I thought to myself for a few seconds; phone in bag or phone in pocket?

Phone in pocket I thought.

In my head I had it all pictured already, I would stand up on the board, aim to get a selfie on the paddle board and life would be grand.

After all, in today’s world, if you don’t have a pic, it’s like it never really happened.

I got up on the board, standing, it lasted a few seconds, until I slipped.

The water below me was beautiful and clear and you could see the rock formations so well. “I love clear water” I thought.

As I landed in the water I realised you could see them so well because they were only under about 50cm of water.

End result, scratches and chunks missing from my feet, I scrambled to get back on the board as I couldn’t stand anywhere without hurting myself more.

Got on, paddled further out, looking for deeper waters before I decided to stand up again!

Now sat on the board, feeling more confident of the water’s depth, I reached for my phone. I would take a sat down selfie on the board.


Think again Chris!

Pocket was barer than Mother Hubard’s cupboard.

Now, my brain kicks in, the water wasn’t deep, the rocks were clearly visible, an iPhone 7 can sit in 1m of water for up to 30 mins. Let’s go to try to find it.

Paddling back to where I “thought” I had been, I spent the better part of 30 mins looking, but to no avail.

iPhone was well and truly sleeping with the fishes.

Lesson learnt for next time on a paddle board, my iPhone goes in my water proof bag! It’s as simple as that.

Let’s hope this iPhone has a longer reign than the last.

Please all take a minute silence for the fallen, and remember:

The iPhone is dead, long live the iPhone.



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