I arrived in Siem Reap, finally in Cambodia, after wanting to visit this country since I was 18. I’m not really sure what has stopped me from coming over the years, but who cares I’m here now and I’m going to experience Angkor Was first hand.

After grabbing a cheap flight through AirAsia, I left Bangkok Don Muang airport and within an hour I had landed in Siem Reap. My Tuk Tuk driver, Phem was there to meet me at the airport, and within minutes, we were on our way to my hotel, the Suon Angkor Boutique Hotel.

Siem Reap - Pub Street Sunset It’s a gorgeous place, set just outside the town centre on the other side of the small river. Walking through the wooden decoration with almost overgrown plants, you immediately come across the first of 2 pools within the property. It’s a small place, but it’s quaint, the staff are super friendly and it costs just $22 a night. Bargain!

So I’ve checked in, it’s time to go explore, no point in wasting the day now its there.

Headed in to town and came across, Pub Street. This sounds like the sort of place I could love.

After discovering a beer costs $0.50 for a half pint, I was pretty excited.

I moved around a bit, to see the different pubs, bars and to decide which one I wanted to spend more time in. I settled on The Angkor What? a bar whose name is a fun take on the temple nearby.

Here I met some other people that were travelling, and with my new found friends we started to chat, get to know each other and of course drink. Glasses of beer turned quickly into pitchers of beer, which were then intermittently interrupted by shots.

Of course, shots!

Siem Reap - Pub Street view from above For the next few hours we chat, drank, explored the local areas and ended up in a cabaret bar, which was rather amusing!

We were in the sort of bar where, 4 shots got you a free hat, or a couple of pitchers of beer meant a free t-shirt. So of course, what do you do when you’re there drinking anyway. Get free shit, for the sake of it!

I think we even gave away a hat at one point, and then asked for it back as my new found friend decided he wanted to give it to somebody else as a present.

Her face was priceless when we asked for it back.

This morning, I was supposed to be taking a sunset tour of Angkor Wat, starting at 4:30am, but instead I ended up waking up around midday. So much for sunrise.

With a stinking headache and a ridiculous hangover, I decided there wasn’t much that could be done today. I went to town to find pizza and a hair of the dog beer, hoping that might bring me back from the dark place my body had dragged me to.

Siem Reap - Hangover Cure - Pizza I pretty much stumbled into Belmiro’s Pizza and Subs. It may have saved my life.

Their pizzas are huge, thin and crispy crust, with generous toppings. A pepperoni medium which is huge, I couldn’t finish it and I usually don’t leave pizza behind.

If you’re in Siem Reap, I’d recommend hitting the place up, and grabbing a slice at least. Beer is cold and pizza is delicious.

So there you have it, Siem Reap, Cambodia, less than 24 hours and I’m suffering today with the worst hangover of 2017!

Forgetting that when shots are included in a night out the next day is always awful, and to quote the great Murtagh from the Lethal Weapon movies:

“I’m too old for this shit!”

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

I’m Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Social INK, a community-driven, social-first, digital marketing agency. I'm also the host of the All About Digital Marketing podcast. I'm passionate about marketing, travel, food and continual development.

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