Unplanned As Always #3 Let’s Try Archery!

Unplanned As Always - Archery

So on my last day in Koh Samui, I decided to go and find somewhere new for lunch. Whilst flicking through Cheap Eats on TripAdvisor, I found a place that looked a little bit different.

It’s call Flying Arrow Archery, and you can grab a drink, eat some food, and more importantly, you can try out traditional and advanced bows and even have some fun with a crossbow.

It’s been a while since my last vlog, this is because of having lost my phone (you can read what happened to my phone here – The iPhone is dead, long live the iPhone), which also meant I lost all my footage from Koh Tao too, but I’m getting back on top of things now.

So here’s a quick glimpse into how I managed, on my first time ever trying archery. Enjoy!

Unplanned As Always – #3 Let’s Try Archery

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