Recently, it’s safe to say I’ve been creating a lot of content. This blogging every day for 30-days challenge in its own right should have been enough to keep me occupied. The reality is, it’s just creating and fueling even more content creation opportunities. 

New Content Creation Opportunities

Last week, James O’Donnell and I recorded our first ever episode of the Social INK Show! Yep, that’s right, another content stream for us to make and deliver on. But this one has a slightly different purpose. 

That’s right, I’m giving you some insight into what we’re doing and why. Maybe you can even implement the same. 

1 piece of long-form content – be it an interview-style, with lots of topics discussed, can then be repurposed. 

So how are we going to repurpose it? This long interview/conversation style video will be used to:

  • Release the full video – the whole conversation as a full episode. 
  • Write a blog, or various blogs, about the individual parts of the conversation. In the blogs, you can reference the video, even embed it, and now we have blog content ideas for the month to come. 
  • Create shorter videos from individuals parts of the long-format. 
  • Make quote graphics – with powerful statements that were said (if there are any, this is JOD and I chatting for nearly an hour).  
  • Use the full video audio to create a podcast for the Social INK Show. 

Repurposing Content 

What I’ve described above is how you can really maximise the impact of repurposing content. One long-form piece of content can actually fuel your complete content calendar for a month. Well, that’s the challenge for us this month. Yes, another challenge! 

Most people create a video, share it once, and then wonder why the return for the time and resources invested is so small. It’s not small, you’re just not making the most of it. 

Whilst you have this one and done mentality, it’s very hard to get real results from a single piece of content.

Building Your Collection 

When you’re writing a lot of blog content, people tend to focus on the “shiny new thing”. What I mean is, they focus on the next new article, and before you realise it, you have a collection (an archive) of content, but you’re not making the most of it. 

If you blog once a week, at the end of the year you have 52 blogs. Each of those blogs can be shared, reposted on social media, updated and brought up to speed at a later date. We often focus on creating new content and don’t maximise what we already have. 

Even at Social INK, we’ve been guilty of this at times. We forget about the awesome catalogue of over 330 blogs that we’ve written over the years. So we look through them, look to update some, look to reshape others and make sure that we use our articles as reference points within new content. 

What can you do for your business? 

There’s nothing to stop you from making the most of what you already have! But if you don’t have an archive or a collection, then you’re going to need to start creating content. 

There are tons of content creation opportunities out there. Be it blogs, podcasts, videos, live videos, ebooks, and a whole host of other options. But what I would suggest is, think about how you can create one longer format piece of content and reuse that in as many ways as possible for your content marketing. 

You’ll be amazed just how far one piece of content can go. 

What’s your content marketing strategy at the moment? I’d love to know and understand how you’re making the most of the opportunities you currently have in front of you. 

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

I’m Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Social INK, a community-driven, social-first, digital marketing agency. I'm also the host of the All About Digital Marketing podcast. I'm passionate about marketing, travel, food and continual development.

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