After recently launching a new coaching programme, I was happy to share it and get some feedback. The programme was called The Consistent Experimenter. The premise was simple. To achieve real results in digital marketing, you need to consistently try new ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. The feedback I gathered was that “experiment” made people feel like I didn’t have the answer. So why is experiment a bad word? 

The answer is… Experiment! 

I like to try my best to be as forward and honest with my clients at all times. I don’t want to sell a dream or unrealistic expectations. I want them to know that what we are embarking on together is a journey. It’s not a magic solution. 

It takes time to get marketing right. It takes time to understand your audience persona. It’s hard work to create the right kind of content that engages with them. 

This can be frustrating sometimes. But I’d rather explain it openly than have clients be surprised that I don’t have a magic answer for them all of a sudden. 

Everything is an experiment 

For ourselves at Social INK, we are constantly trying new things. We’ve done 30-days of live videos, 100-blogs in a month, and recently launched The Social INK Show – Episode 1

For our clients, it’s the same thing. We implement the learnings we have had from our experiences. And we continually try different things for them too. 

Personally, this blog post is part of the 30-day blogging challenge I set myself. 

But it all comes down to experimentation. 

So why is experiment a bad word? 

I don’t really get it. 

I look at everything I’m doing, or trying, as an experiment. I’ll often even break things down like that for myself. It makes it easier to get started, and it’s usually a powerful way to make sure I can continue to do it. 

For me, experimentation is all about figuring it out as you go along. It’s also a no-pressure way of trying something. Take this 30-day blogging challenge for example. If I didn’t like it, or if it wasn’t working for me, in the end, I can simply stop. 

Understanding that experiments are good 

Once you can get your head around the idea of experiments being a great way for you to try and learn something new, you’ll unleash a new power. It’s almost a superpower. To get started, simply do something, and ultimately, see how it does or doesn’t work for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to start working out, or if you want to build a business. Trying new things is crucial! 

It’s the only sure-fire way you’ll figure out how to make things work for you. 

Still not sure about “experimenting”. Leave a comment below and I’d love to have a chat about this and help change your mind. Or alternatively, you can book a suitable time for us to talk 1-2-1 on a free digital marketing consultation. It’s up to you. 

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

I’m Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Social INK, a community-driven, social-first, digital marketing agency. I'm also the host of the All About Digital Marketing podcast. I'm passionate about marketing, travel, food and continual development.

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