The last 30-days have felt awesome. I’ve managed to publish a new blog post every day on my website. As a 30-day blogging challenge, this has been far easier than when we set ourselves the challenge of 100-blogs at Social INK last year

This one has been far easier for one reason, in particular, the topics. I’ve been able to choose something to write about, based on anything that has inspired me at any point during the month. That’s a huge difference compared to writing very specific keyword focused blogs for Social INK. 

Does writing a blog a day make any difference? 

For me, YES, absolutely it does. I’m getting more inspired, coming up with more ideas quicker and finding stimulus for new content in pretty much everything around me. It’s been eye-opening to share more, be more vulnerable and to see the impact it’s had on my social media posts. 

It’s amazing what results you can achieve by just being human on social media.

Another interesting statistic is the impact on traffic. More posts, more social media shares, more traffic to the website. The basis for the hypothesis is sound. But did the stats match up? 

Here are the stats for July, compared to June 2020. 

30 day blogging chalenge traffic stats

During the month of July, I nearly doubled the traffic to my website, but that’s not the only interesting stats. I’m also looking forward to seeing what the knock-on effects will be regarding long-term SEO benefits, and whether or not some of these articles will in fact start to be found in the future.

30 day blogging chalenge - website stats

These were the numbers I really enjoyed seeing. Yes I doubled the users to my website, and that’s a great start. But actually I nearly tripled the total number of sessions, meaning the same users were coming back to read more of the content this month.

Overall, it’s not a huge impact that’s going to change my world, but it should be an eye opener to anyone out there. The rule of thumb is simple, put out more content, and more people will check it out.

The 30-day challenge for everyone

There’s nothing stopping anyone from taking a 30-day blogging challenge for themselves or their brand. The principle is simple. Long or short format, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to share something valuable with your audience, every day for 30 days. 

People often forget that being human. Showing a bit more about who you are. Sharing the behind the scenes of what you are up to at your company. All of these things help people identify with and build a relationship with you. 

Ideally, you’re looking to help people know you so as they can decide if they want to do business with you or not. 

A whole month of content

Take a look below, this is the full list of all 31 blogs (yep, I went 1 more than the original 30-day challenge). 

1st July – Can you blog every day for 30 days?
2nd July – Physical Health, Mental Health, then Success
3rd July – Be more vulnerable online!
4th July – Gratitude: 5 Things I’m Grateful for in 2020
5th July – Day-by-Day, One Step At A Time
6th July – How do we figure out what we desire?
7th July – Why should we focus on our personal brand? 
8th July – Training our Creativity “muscle” 
9th July – Consistency & Creativity
10th July – Could you change your diet?
11th July – How To Deal With Other People’s Opinions
12th July – It’s not always easy, but then again, what is?
13th July – What comes next in 2020?
14th July – Everyday I Learn Something New
15th July – My 2-Week TikTok Challenge
16th July – What’s the best that could happen?
17th July – How Important is it to Plan Downtime
18th July – Do Audiobooks count as reading?
19th July – Remote Working In 2020
20th July – Ideation vs Execution
21st July – The Importance of Having a Plan 
22nd July – Content Creation Opportunities
23rd July – Knowing When To Say No
24th July – Do You Miss Travelling?
25th July – Could I Blog Every Day?
26th July – Do you love or hate date?
27th July – Why we created The Social INK Show
28th July – Why is experiment a bad word?
29th July – Doing the same thing and expecting a different result
30th July – Changing my environment, not my habits
31st July – How do you make a plan

Looking back over July 2020

You’ll see that most of these posts are based on topics that I wanted to talk about. There isn’t any kind of pattern. Some are longer, some are shorter. But they’re all written by me, daily, helping me to create more content faster. 

If you’re wondering whether you should try something like this, I’d recommend you do. There’s a good chance you may even enjoy it (once you get into it). And if you don’t enjoy it, remember, it’s an experiment, so you can simply accept that it didn’t work out, and move on to something else. 

Let me know if you are going to start a challenge, I’d love to follow along and see how you get on. Let me know in the comments below. 

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

I’m Chris Bruno, Founder and CEO of Social INK, a community-driven, social-first, digital marketing agency. I'm also the host of the All About Digital Marketing podcast. I'm passionate about marketing, travel, food and continual development.

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