March 2015 - Fulfillment San Francisco


10/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

How do you feel fulfilled? Is it by setting challenges and completing them? Is it by simply feeling happy every day? By feeling connected with those around you?

Air Travel isn’t as glamorous as it used to be!

09/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

I don’t seem to enjoy the experience as much anymore. The long security lines, having to nearly strip naked, take off shoes, belts (which results in half of my arse showing), getting swabbed for drugs or explosives and after all that spend most of the time wrestling with the seat in front of me for enough room for my knees to not feel like this is in fact Guantanamo Bay and torture. 

The Manifesto Experiment

07/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

The Manifesto is just to make sure I continue to go forward in the right direction every day. The rough direction is the MOST important thing, not the particular details. So i set myself some tasks today. I did get distracted too, not going to lie. I’ve been to the beach, i’ve been for a run, i’ve even eaten a super healthy Green Salad for dinner and nailed an additional set of press ups during this process. 

Does the first night dictate the trip?

24/01/2013 Chris Bruno 0

If a first night sets the standard for the rest of a trip, then I may be in trouble after my first night in Los Angeles! This is a brief update and the majority of my notes were written at the time… It’s a bit of a Jack Bauer style 24 updates in real time!