An Epic CHEAT DAY – Possibly the best so far!

15/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

Yesterday was Saturday and CHEAT DAY of course, but with a slight twist. I was in the south of France, Provence to be precise, and here we do food to a whole new level. So what did yesterday’s meal include? I’m glad you asked, check it out: 

With a Tweet Tweet here and a Tweet Tweet There!

12/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

It’s amazing how one well placed “@“ symbol, with the right collection of letters after it can result in more than 1400 visits to my latest blog article, “The Body Experiment”. When I wrote the article, it was more of a public accountability post for myself. It was a way of making my success losing weight public and making sure I didn’t go anyway but forward. I definitely didn’t want to go back to how I was. 

The Body Experiment

11/03/2015 Chris Bruno 1

So like most people the new year meant a new me… The only difference is I had made a DECISION! A big one. I wasn’t happy with how I felt and the two main things that were playing on my mind were the business and how I felt physically. 

March 2015 - Fulfillment San Francisco


10/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

How do you feel fulfilled? Is it by setting challenges and completing them? Is it by simply feeling happy every day? By feeling connected with those around you?

Air Travel isn’t as glamorous as it used to be!

09/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

I don’t seem to enjoy the experience as much anymore. The long security lines, having to nearly strip naked, take off shoes, belts (which results in half of my arse showing), getting swabbed for drugs or explosives and after all that spend most of the time wrestling with the seat in front of me for enough room for my knees to not feel like this is in fact Guantanamo Bay and torture. 

The Manifesto Experiment

07/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

The Manifesto is just to make sure I continue to go forward in the right direction every day. The rough direction is the MOST important thing, not the particular details. So i set myself some tasks today. I did get distracted too, not going to lie. I’ve been to the beach, i’ve been for a run, i’ve even eaten a super healthy Green Salad for dinner and nailed an additional set of press ups during this process. 

The New Year & The New Me

07/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

There is also a reason why I didn’t write this blog post on the 1st January, or even on the 7th January a week in to the “New Me” and that ladies and gents is simply because SO MANY people make commitments to the New Year, the resolutions that they never keep to, and I didn’t want this to get lost as one of those. This is ME, 65 days in to feeling appreciative of the life I have and not grieving over the life I thought I wanted. 

Sustainable Growth as an entrepreneur – A LinkedIn Article

06/01/2015 Chris Bruno 0

Here we are in January 2015, and I have been getting far more involved with my business from a “Helicopter View’ and even taken on a great Business Mentor to help me grow as a leader. This article came back to mind after a coaching session today so I wanted to take the opportunity to share it. Here it is below, originally posted on 26 August 2014. 

France 24 Video

Forgot about this… France 24 report on Gibraltar

05/11/2013 Chris Bruno 0

There are a few things that I have a bit of an issue with on this video. The first bit is the fact that it still refers to Gibraltar as a tax haven, which is incorrect. Gibraltar complies with all international and EU standards required for a finance centre.