Healthy Eating in the New Year

06/01/2016 Chris Bruno 0

I’m going to be putting up some more recipes and meals to give you some hints and tips as to how to make this happen quickly and easily, losing weight doesn’t have to be a drag.  

Last year I started a diet, with thanks to the infamous experiment machine that is Tim Ferris (Twitter @tferriss). His slow carb diet was my choice to try to make big changes in my life.  

An Epic CHEAT DAY – Possibly the best so far!

15/03/2015 Chris Bruno 0

Yesterday was Saturday and CHEAT DAY of course, but with a slight twist. I was in the south of France, Provence to be precise, and here we do food to a whole new level. So what did yesterday’s meal include? I’m glad you asked, check it out: